Social Media Success for a Beekeeping Supplies Company



A beekeeping equipment company wanted to drive traffic and increase conversions by managing their own social organic posting and ads, but struggled because of the limited ad spend budget and the lack of technical know-how.



SEO Services Australia performed a website audit and inspected the company’s Facebook marketing campaign to point out areas of improvement. On-page changes were implemented on Business Facebook Page and SEO Services created a custom and high-value lookalike audience to improve targeting and increase conversions.



SEO Services set up the Facebook pixel to track and collect conversions data from the website traffic. SEO Services utilised this data to optimise ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to customers who have already taken action on the beekeeping equipment company’s website.

Beekeeping Supplies Company



A beekeeping equipment manufacturing company managed their own social media posting and ads, but the marketing did not produce any conversions. Financially, the company had a very limited ad spend budget of 100 AUD monthly which is a problem on its own. This, along with the lack of proper audience targeting, resulted in 0 revenue generated.


The Goal

The company reached out to SEO Services Australia to learn whether getting results is possible despite the monetary restrictions. The agency communicated terms that included a minimum investment of 800 AUD for the combined ad spend budget and management fee.

To help the company increase conversions and, in effect, revenue, SEO Services Australia decided on a goal to improve traffic, increase conversions, and yield ROI within the set campaign period.


The Opportunities

SEO Services Australia understands the value of using Facebook to drive more traffic to the website, so they found an opportunity to utilise the platform for the client’s benefit. The website has good potential to become a revenue-generating machine if partnered with the right SEO tactics.

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The Campaign

Several pain points were immediately identified at the beginning of the campaign. SEO Services Australia used this data to create a new approach for the client. The campaign objectives were Traffic and Conversion with the targeting focused on prospecting and remarketing.


Facebook Optimisation

SEO Services Australia added a correct business profile photo and cover photo that better represents the client’s business. This enabled more users to find the company on the platform. More importantly, it allowed the client to represent the business more accurately where it matters--on potential customers’ news feeds.


Business Page Development

Upon checking, SEO Services discovered that the client’s Business Facebook Page does not have an About section that can act as an online resource for users. SEO Services set one up and uploaded content about the company like services areas, contact details, and future commitments they wanted to make to their customers. The agency placed an appropriate CTA button with the text “Shop Now” to redirect them immediately to the client's website. To keep up with the number of queries being received on the Business Facebook page, industry-appropriate and automated replies were created, so Facebook users can receive a confirmation on the receipt of their enquiry as soon as possible.


Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel was set up to track all actions taken by the user from the time they click the ad until they’re redirected to the website. The agency collected the data for remarketing purposes in the future and to push customers further down the funnel to conversion. All web pages were manually inspected to make sure that no crucial important conversion events were skipped. Contacts, Subscription, Add-to-Cart, Checkout Initiated, Payment Info Added, and Purchase actions were tracked as well to see when and where the users were dropping off and the factors causing them.


Curated Content

SEO Services Australia provided the client with a monthly calendar containing both organic posts and paid ads. The company, in return, provided the agency with exclusive events and special promos to be used to attract consumers to their business. The content was tailored to people who are most likely to interact with the business and turn into conversions.


After handling the Facebook marketing for only 2 months, SEO Services was able to generate 234 traffic to the website with an ad spend of 189.11 AUD.

Meeting the Goals

The company’s primary goal was to increase traffic to its website. But SEO Services delivered more. The following results were achieved within the campaign period:

The company was impressed with the results, so they decided to increase the budget up to 150 AUD. After another 3 months, this amount was increased to 200 AUD. The campaign continued for the next year, where the Facebook marketing agency accomplished a fantastic feat and brought down the cost per purchase to an even lower amount of 3.41 AUD.

Present Day

Once a beekeeping equipment company struggling with traffic and conversion, the company now continues to see improvements in sales and conversion rates with a steadily growing number of visits per month and a significant reduction in cost per purchase.

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