Online Fitness CEC Course Provider Overcomes SEO Company Strategy Challenges



SEO Services Australia performed a website SEO audit that gave them insight on content opportunities, technical optimisations, and a deeper understanding of the client’s current digital footprint. This led to the formulation of a 3-phase SEO strategy meant to increase rankings, traffic, and leads.



An online fitness CEC course provider wants to increase their online visibility on Google to be able to drive relevant traffic to their website.



SEO Services set up onpage and offpage SEO activities along with technical optimisations to drive up the majority of the results

Fitness Education Online



An online fitness CEC course provider wants to increase their online visibility on Google to be able to drive relevant traffic to their website. Their website serves as a platform for future professional fitness coaches, instructors, and trainers to take certified online courses that are accredited both in Australia and New Zealand.

The Goal

SEO Services Australia’s goal for this client is to increase organic traffic by 20-30% by the 6th month of their SEO campaign. Additionally, the agency wanted to help the client get quality leads and conversions.

The Opportunities

SEO Services aimed to increase traffic and open up more opportunities to convert by creating a campaign that focused on learning the client’s customer’s online behaviour and improving their user experience. There are several opportunities to be the answer to the need that searchers are looking for.

The Campaign

Several issues were identified during the website SEO audit. SEO Services Australia utilised this data to refine the client’s SEO campaign strategy. The objective was to increase and improve traffic that will eventually generate leads and end in conversions.

3-Phase SEO Strategy

SEO Services ensured that they follow a strict and specific framework for refining the client’s old and outdated SEO campaign. The strategy they came up with was divided into 3 phases that are all designed to contribute to the campaign’s goal, which is to drive significant and relevant traffic to the client’s website.

Phase 1 - Increase Rankings

In Australia, only 70% of clicks in Google search results go to organic, while 30% goes to AdWords. A mere 0.83% of SERP clicks get to the second page of Google. With a user taking an average of 9 seconds to scan the first page and click on a link, it’s important to make sure the client’s website will be visible. This data served as a guide for Phase 1.

AU rankings

That’s why the agency made ‘Increase Rankings’ the first phase of the SEO strategy. Increasing the rankings of the client’s website will guarantee the likeliness that the user will click on their website’s link.

From 100+, the following keywords are now on the top 10 of Google SERP:Top 10 Google SERPIt only took around 4-5 months for the rankings to improve significantly with some keywords showing improvements as early as the second month.

Phase 2 - Increase Traffic

With visibility comes familiarity. The second phase focuses on increasing the number of visitors directed to the website (an effect of Phase 1’s success). Note that this doesn’t just refer to any traffic but more specifically relevant traffic. What this means is that the users led to the site are those who have a higher chance of actually taking an online fitness CEC course.

SEO Services ensured that the client’s website gets quality traffic and not just random visitors.

Organic monthly traffic started at 524 which increased to 1079 towards the end of the fourth month and continued to hold until the fifth month. The initial goal was to increase traffic by 20-30%. SEO Services managed to exceed that goal with a 105.91% increase in organic traffic.

FEO Au organic traffic

Phase 3 - Increase Leads

Phase 2’s success naturally leads to an upward motion in lead generation and conversions. Some factors that affect these numbers are out of our scope, but with timely intervention, they were prevented from causing issues for the client.

Tactics Employed

Onpage Activities

Technical Optimisations

Offpage Activities
Fixes Done
  1. SEO Services created a website for the client that specifically targets the Australian market. This is to ensure the relevancy of the traffic that the website will generate.
  2. The agency updated and created unique content for the Australia Website. Target keywords were added, and the images on the website were updated as well.
  3. To guarantee a smooth user experience, SEO Services improved the website speed of the website for both mobile and desktop.
  4. Tracking codes for both Google Search Console and Google Analytics were added to the website.
  5. Monthly backlinks to target pages were created and targeted keywords were used.
  6. 1-2 page content was optimised and new content was uploaded via blog posts.


In a span of 4-5 months, SEO Services Australia observed a huge increase in the number of ranking keywords, website impressions, and website traffic. This demonstrated the success of the strategies and tactics put in place by the website SEO team. Improvements have been significant and a big jump from the client’s previous numbers before SEO Services handled the campaign.

FEO Au traffic line graph

Present Day

Starting with discouraging numbers, this online fitness CEC course provider now enjoys the benefits of a high SERP ranking and relevant traffic and leads. The company continues to seek improvements as they steadily grow their website and further broaden their client base.

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