Facebook Marketing Management Strategy for A Garden Equipment Company



That goal was straightforward enough-a premium AU-based garden accessories, tools, and equipment company wanted to increase their revenue. The real challenge however was, the owner was only willing to spend 100 AUD/month for social media advertising, making it an uphill battle because this was a shoestring budget by a long shot.



The main task of the SEO Services team is to deal with the refinement of posts, ads, and targeting.  SEO Services Australia also manually checked the events on their page to make sure they don’t miss any significant conversion events. The team was very hands-on with the whole checkout process to ensure we have visibility on the possible areas of disengagements.



SEO Services Australia needed to recalibrate the strategy of the previous digital marketing agency to realign it with the original business goals of the brand. With the very limited budget of 100 AUD, SEO Services Australia focused all its efforts on the conversion campaign.

Garden Equipment Company



The company is a garden equipment business based in Australia. The owner initially sourced his social media services from another agency. However, the business was only getting top of the sales funnel results such as engagement and page likes that didn’t translate into revenue for a long time.

The Goal

After staying with the previous provider for three years, he decided to switch and chose SEO Services Australia to manage his Facebook marketing. Our agency communicated terms that included a minimum investment of 100 AUD/month for the ad spend budget. The brand enquired whether getting results is possible despite the monetary restrictions. SEO Services Australia then focused its efforts on the conversion campaign to yield ROI within the set campaign period.

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The Opportunities

The lack of communication with the previous agency has made it stray far from the original intent of the client which was to feature and sell his gardening products. 

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The Campaign

It is also good to note that the Facebook page of the brand was already optimised by the time SEO Services Australia was onboard with the project. 


Curated Content

The main task of the team is to deal with the refinement of posts and ads. We used beautiful imagery and a consistent copywriting style that reflects the brand values and USPs that encourage purchase. To curate the content, we validated and checked the best-selling items and heavily promoted those items in their posts and ads.


Better Audience Targeting

We realigned with the client and created a tailor-fit promo code of “Summer10OFF” to really push the sales aspect of the brand. We created audiences around these events for remarketing and lookalike audience creation.


Facebook Pixel

We collaborated with the web developers to ensure that the Facebook Pixel was placed correctly to track all the actions the users will do after they click on the ad on Facebook and are redirected to the website.


For the entirety of the campaign, SEO Services Australia successfully increased the brand’s business revenue and had remarkable ROI from the ad spend. We achieved the following results within the campaign period:

  • Four months of Facebook marketing management resulted in 905 Landing Page Views with an ad spend of 388.56 AUD. We were averaging 9 add-to-carts, 5 initiate checkouts, and 3 purchases per month.
  • By the 6th month, thanks to SEO Service Australia’s management, the brand sold a total value of items of 3,347 AUD from 25.05 AUD ad spend. It only cost the client an average of 8.35 AUD to produce a conversion.
  • In their 9th month, we received three orders on their website with a total worth of 3,597.00 AUD while only spending 8.32AUD of the ad budget.
Garden Equipment Company Chart

Meeting the Goals

The primary goal was to increase revenue. And by listening to the aspirations of the owner firsthand, SEO Services Australia delivered above and beyond that, not letting the budget hinder the objectives of the brand they managed.   

Present Day

By revisiting the business goals of the brand, SEO Services Australia delivered the proper and correct strategies that will lead it to its goals through Facebook marketing management. The company now consistently sees improvements in sales and conversion rates while enjoying a significant reduction in cost per ad spend. 

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