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More Businesses Are
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With more consumers turning to online shopping for convenience and safety, businesses are starting to adapt. After all, the figures on consumer trends and e-commerce are impressive: around 1.8 billion consumers purchase goods online, and almost half of consumers shop on mobile rather than going in-store.

In the last few years, Shopify has proven to be the e-commerce platform of choice. With its easy-to-use interface, customizable layouts, and flexible options, Shopify can cater to business of all types, industries, and sizes. For businesses that want to grow though, it’s not enough to just build and set-up an online store. E-commerce can widen your target audience, but it also increases the number of competitors you need to stand out from. Marketing for e-commerce requires maximizing your opportunities, which is why it is necessary for your Shopify page to undergo SEO optimisation.

What Is Shopify SEO?

Shopify SEO means using SEO strategies on Shopify’s unique features to increase its visibility on search engines. Like other websites, Shopify includes features that can be optimised. However, its platform can create SEO issues like duplicate content that can make it difficult to rank.

SEO Services Australia has provided efficient and reliable SEO services to its clients. SEO is our specialty, so naturally we’ve built a process that allows us to take advantage of all of the SEO features available on Shopify. This allows your online store on Shopify to be optimised, searchable, and visible with its high-ranking position on search engine results. This, in turn, can help you maximize your ROI.

Why Choose Shopify for E-Commerce?


Compatible for Any Business
Shopify is an e-commerce platform that can cater to large companies, SMEs, or individuals looking for a platform to help start their business. It’s also applicable to businesses selling intangible goods like services, consultations, memberships, and more.


Easy to Use Platform
Shopify is easy to use for business owners who want to perform all their sales-related tasks under one platform. The platform offers the software and hosting needed to launch the website.


Endless Design Possibilities

Shopify has many themes to design your store’s layout and aesthetic. But if you have a specific design in mind, our Shopify web development team can build it for you and our web developers will improve it. The platform also has multiple apps to improve their business website’s functionality.

Reliable SEO Services For Your Shopify Website

SEO Services Australia offers a wide array of digital marketing services for businesses in various industries. We know the ins and outs on how to set up SEO on Shopify so that we can maximize your online store’s potential for revenue. Under our Shopify SEO services, we can:
Remove duplicate URLs from internal linking.
Shopify’s platform can create duplicate content that can cause Google to disregard your online store, making it invisible on search engine results.

Perform keyword research and create content for related keywords.
Content pieces will have informational intent, allowing Google to see your website as an authoritative source for the niche your business belongs to.

Create a custom domain.
Having a custom domain instead of “YourBusinessName.myshopify.com” can make your website look more trustworthy.

Set up a Google Analytics account.
Google Analytics can track users visiting your online store and can be set up in Shopify. This can help determine how many visitors your store has and compare it to how many actually make a purchase.

Remove unnecessary Shopify apps.
This can help improve the way you operate your Shopify store or the way your customers can navigate the website.
Page optimisation.
We improve the H1 tags, title tag, meta description, and other parts of the page that can be optimised to either have additional keywords and help your customers better navigate your online store.

Link building.
Your website will look more like an authoritative source in its industry if many related and established websites are linking back to it. We do guest blogging and link building strategies to get other websites to link back to your store.

Reputation building.
Even if Shopify SEO does get you at the top of relevant keywords, it won’t matter if negative online reviews dissuade your potential customers from giving your business a chance. Our online reputation management services mitigate the effects of negative reviews.

Test for mobile compatibility.
Shopify is generally compatible with all types of gadgets and most mainstream browsers. However, some pre-installed designs may not be as smooth on mobile gadgets, so our web development team tests and makes adjustments to the layout so your customers can browse easily.

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